My name is Mary Lauren. I live in a small town in Tennessee with my husband and sweet babies.  I am a family nurse practitioner, and I love to write in my free time.

The purpose of this blog is partially an outlet for my creativity, but more importantly, to inspire other working mothers to keep on keeping on.  I believe there is no encouragement like finding other like-minded women with the goal of getting to heaven with their husbands and children by their sides.

My home congregation is the Fairview Church of Christ in Pulaski, TN.  I am blessed to be a part of a family of workers… my husband is a deacon, along with my grandfather and my father-in-law.  My father and my uncle serve as elders there.  I co-teach the teenage girls’ Wednesday night class with my sister.

I am always looking for ways to grow spiritually, and I have found that studying to be a better teacher, speaker, and writer has benefitted me immensely.  It is my constant prayer that I can be a vessel the Lord is proud to use for His glory, and I pray that this blog is found to be edifying and can provide spiritual food for the members of the Lord’s body, His Church.


Below is a Girls’Purity Day hosted by the ladies of our home congregation that I was privileged to be a part of.  Hope you enjoy my segment posted below.


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