A Voice for the Silenced Ones

I wasn’t going to do this.

I wasn’t going to get involved.

In fact, the debate isn’t even over, but I couldn’t wait until its end to write the thoughts of my heart.

Some say there is no room for politics in religion.  Some say Christians can vote one way or another without shouldering responsibility in their spiritual lives for the vote they cast.

I cannot be silent anymore.  Within the first five minutes of THE debate, you know the one, the last presidential debate of 2016, the two candidates made clear their respective stances on abortion.

Let me state this clearly: I recognize that both candidates have proven to be morally corrupt in different areas.  It is with grief in my heart and fear for our country that I must choose to cast a vote for one of these two candidates to lead our great nation for the next four years.  I am not even acknowledging the argument that voting for anyone else is of any benefit at this point, as it has been made clear that the winner will be one of these two people: Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Having said that, my decision to vote against Hilary Clinton and for Donald Trump (which I can hardly fathom is even a realistic option at this point) was solidified once and for all when she promised to defend a woman’s right to choose abortion over birth to no limit.

It is sad that in learning the laws of man, Secretary Clinton neglected to learn and adhere to the laws of almighty God.

I agree that in many facets, Donald Trump also displays gross ignorance of God’s laws.  But to his credit, he promises openly that he will defend the rights of the unborn child against murder.  Those defenseless, sinless, precious souls that God knew before they were ever formed.  Those humans. Those babies.  Those unborn PEOPLE who cannot defend themselves.

As I sat in the car listening in horror to her comments regarding selecting Supreme Court Justices who will ensure that we can continue to slaughter unborn children without regulation, I heard the sounds of my sweet children in the backseat, and I began to cry.

I thought about the ultrasounds, the fetal heart tones, the butterfly movements and later stronger movements in my own womb, the safe haven God provided for my sweet babies to grow without threat, and I realized what it means to disrupt that God-given plan of birth.

I will not go into detail how these procedures are done, because I simply cannot describe them without causing myself psychological trauma.  I can hardly hear how it is done, and it pains me to know there are multiple methods used to inflict death on these precious ones.

I am an optimist, and my hope is that those who support abortion just don’t understand fully what that means.  Donald Trump did not try to sugar coat the process, saying multiple times that the babies are “ripped” from the womb.  Clinton quickly and cunningly tried to sweep that harsh description under the rug in an attempt to minimize or skew the realities of the abhorrent procedures coined “fetal evacuation” and “medical abortion”.

The realization I came to in that moment was that a person who realizes not only what it means to have an abortion, but intends to defend a woman’s right to have one at all costs could very possibly be the next president of the United States.  Sure, President Obama has made it clear that he also supports the woman’s right to choose, so that wouldn’t be entirely new, right? Well, no.  But there is one very significant difference between President Obama and Hilary Clinton, should she be elected: she gets to nominate the new Supreme Court Justices who will interpret whether or not laws are in harmony with the Constitution, i.e., whether or not an unborn child has Constitutional rights.

I realize that if you are an atheist or agnostic, I don’t present a very strong argument against abortion to you.  But for those of you who do believe that God is our Creator, that he designed us and has plans for us before we ever come into this world, it is to you that I plead, wholeheartedly, to think about what a vote for Hilary Clinton actually means.

I’m not naive enough to completely disregard how difficult this decision can be for some women.  I understand that some of them didn’t have control over choosing to become pregnant through rape.  I understand that there are very rare circumstances where the mother’s life is threatened by continuing the pregnancy.  But I also know that our Lord promised us that we would face trials and tribulations. He suffered and died on a cross to save me from my sins, and he promised that if we are faithful to Him, there are times we will suffer, and there will be times we are faced with difficult, life-altering decisions.

I’m not discussing foreign policy.  I’m not debating race issues or gun control.  I’m not referencing who has the most effective plans for national security.  Of course, all these issues are pertinent issues that should be considered.

The purpose of this post is to give a voice to the millions of unborn children in our future and the millions already in paradise who didn’t have a choice.  I’m not sure I could look my savior in the eyes on Judgment Day and give an account of my life knowing I did nothing to attempt to stop this abomination.

I know where I stand.  Do you?



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